SMS Mission Statement & Community Values

Our Mission is developing next generation of Medical Leaders who will transform medicine. Our Community is dedicated to excellence and leadership in medicine through education, research and clinical care.

We value and respect all individuals for their unique perspectives, experiences and potential to contribute.

SMS Students

Meet Our Students

Our students form part of a diverse and inspiring academic community...
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SMS Milan

Life in Milan

The SMS degree program is located both in the University of Milano-Bicocca and the University of Bergamo.
Milan is a vibrant city, where art meets technology, finance, fashion and design. The city has lots to offer, discover its many facets...
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SMS Bergamo

Life in Bergamo

The city of Bergamo is in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, approx. 40km from Milan. Students fall in love with Bergamo - a city small enough to remain friendly, but large enough to offer lots of interest and excitement...
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SMS Mobility

Bicocca International Mobility

Depending on your nationality, you may or may not need a Student Visa...
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SMS Incoming Students

Incoming Students

Mobility Programmes to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe...
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SMS outgoing student

Outgoing mobility

The University of Bicocca signs Cooperation Agreements with Universities from Countries across the world...
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SMS Student Services

Student Support Services

During your time at SMS Degree program, a range of academic and personal support and guidance is available to you....
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SMS Career Guidance

Career Guidance

The program integrates basic medical sciences and clinical sciences with professional skills and competencies throughout the program. A vast array of specialist training pathways are available after obtaining a master’s degree qualification in medicine
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Councelling Service

Counselling Service

We recognize that medical students are subject to all sorts of pressures and some of you may find studying medicine course stressful at times. We would like to reassure you that it is very normal. Our experienced staff will be willing to provide the right help and support to you. We encourage our students to seek help early and come to us when you need to with academic, personal or any other practical problem.
Contact our Team Leader: Dr. Marco Bani
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