SMS Program

The School of Medicine & Surgery (SMS) is a highly innovative program where we combine progressive medical education and patient care with world-class research and outstanding teaching facilities in order to develop Professional Knowledge, Skills, Values and Behaviors.

Its founding principles are based on the importance of integration of the biomedical paradigm for curing disease with the psycho-social and humanist paradigm of compassion for the patients.


In training doctors to meet the health care needs of today and tomorrow, the program focuses on:

  • a multidisciplinary, interprofessional and integrated vision of the most common health problems and disease;
  • an education aimed at disease prevention and health promotion for individuals and communities;
  • building a deep knowledge of the new health care needs, focused not only on the disease, but having a person-centered approach to medicine, within the social context;
  • creation and application of technologies, both new and consolidated, which can be used to deepen the understanding of data, the efficient use of tools and the effective use of medical devices.

Key Features

SMS Teacher

Quality of Education

The program is delivered through a range of innovative and modern teaching methods.
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SMS Multicultural Environment

Multicultural Learning Environment

The diverse in-coming class provides an opportunity to live an inter-cultural experience as a source of strength, innovative ideas, and creative accomplishment as well as an opportunity for personal growth. We know that welcoming difference is the heart of inclusion.
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SMS Clinical Mentoring

Early clinical mentoring and patient contact

Teaching is complemented by case-based learning and early exposure to patient care in a variety of hospital settings.
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SMS Innovative Curriculum

Innovative Curriculum

Inspired by internationally acclaimed models based on Horizontal and Vertical integration of academic disciplines in the curriculum that will equip you with competencies and skills to apply evidence-based medicine.
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SMS Research Excellence

Research Excellence

Our commitment to research excellence is supported though strong research labs, groups and units working collaboratively in our modern facilities. Our faculty and researchers are involved in cutting edge science and world class research in the field of medicine that have a real impact on people's lives. The students attend research labs right from the first year in the program.
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Virgilio Program

Medical Scientist Program – Virgilio: Excellence in Research Track

Merit based program offering giving students the opportunity to gain early research experience under the mentorship of tutors and leading physician-scientist mentors.
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