6-year Single Cycle Master’s Degree Program

The SMS degree program in Medicine Surgery provides the qualification of physician-surgeons.
The degree is issued jointly by the School of Medicine Surgery, University of Milano-Bicocca and the University of Bergamo.

The course duration is 6 years during which students earn 360 ECTS. There are 27 exams for a total of 288 ECTS covering basic and clinical sciences

  • 1st academic year – 5 exams;
  • 2nd academic year – 7 exams;
  • 3rd academic year – 4 exams;
  • 4th academic year – 4 exams;
  • 5th academic year – 4 exams;
  • 6th academic year – 1 exam.

60 ECTS are for the professional internships, which include 15 ECTS for the medical board evaluation (esame di abilitazione) to practice medicine in Italy, in accordance to the decree June 9, 2018 and 12 ECTS for the thesis internship and for the final examination.


Assessment Procedures

Each course has a single exam and the marks are out of 30.
Ongoing practice assessments are also held, exclusively with a view to confirming the effectiveness of the learning and teaching processes in relation to the course content and do not have any official scoring value.

Mandatory Attendance

The Students are required to attend at least 70 % of all teaching activities for the attainment of degree course in Medicine and Surgery.
Attendance is verified by the faculty responsible through various assessment measures.
The certificate of attendance to the teaching activities of a course is necessary in order to sit for the relative exam, as specified by the Board of Didactic Coordination.
Final Examination

Final Examination

The final exam consists of the discussion of original thesis in English relating to an original medical or interdisciplinary research. The thesis is for 12 ECTS and is carried out under a Faculty Supervisor.
The thesis is discussed in a public session in English in front of the Degree Commission who will overall evaluate the student, keeping into account the entire course of the study.


University of Milano-Bicocca