Didactic Approach

The revolutionary new medical curriculum integrates a rigorous program of basic science education with intensive clinical mentoring right from second year onwards. The didactic approach of the International Single Cycle Master’s degree course in Medicine and Surgery focuses on the right balance of vertical and transversal integration between:

  1. The basic sciences, which is broad and includes knowledge of evolutionary biology, molecular biology and genetics and biological complexity aimed at acquiring knowledge of the structure and function of the human body under normal conditions, for the purpose of maintaining health and the correct application of translational research;
  2. The knowledge of the morbid processes and the mechanisms that cause them, in order to address the prevention, the diagnosis and therapy;
  3. Consolidated clinical and methodological training using tutorial type teaching, aimed at transforming theoretical knowledge into a personal experience, in a way as to build one’s own values and interest to acquire the professional skills for managing the complexity of medicine;
  4. Focus on social sciences, in order to have socially informed and responsible medical professionals;
  5. The acquisition of scientific methodology, medical, clinical, technological and professional skills aimed at addressing the health problems of individuals and community;
  6. Knowledge of Biotechnology and drug delivery;
  7. Knowledge of the technologies currently in use and those under development for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients, exploiting them to the full potential.