The International Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery (SMS) is organized in 12 semesters. The teaching activities are divided into

  • core basic courses covering basic science and clinical science
  • elective courses chosen by the student
  • professional internship
  • thesis internship and the final examination

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University of Milano-Bicocca

Elective Courses Chosen By The Student

The academic offer provides for a range of elective didactic courses, based on the choice of the students, available throughout the entire course of study.

These activities offer students the opportunity to gain knowledge on some innovative subjects, choosing from a variety of options approved by the Didactic Board.

The activities may range from seminar type courses; internships carried out in research laboratories or clinical departments; participation in conferences and congresses. Each elective didactic activity is guided by a Faculty in-charge.

Professional Internship

During the clinical internship, the students are provided exposure to broad disciplines of medicine, including internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, as well as medical-surgical specialties.

The students carry out their internships at specific hospitals/medical centers, identified by the Didactic Coordination Council for the defined period. This activity is equivalent to 60 ECTS.

The clinical internship is carried out under the direct supervision of a faculty tutor.