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IMAT Test 2021 - Last Year Recap

SMS Innovative Curriculum

Innovative Curriculum

Curriculum is highly innovative, based on CBL (Case Based Learning) and PBL (Problem Based Learning) that facilitates knowledge acquisition, enhanced group collaboration and team learning covering basic fundamentals and seven parallel vertical tracks focused on: • Cardiovascular and Respiratory System • Onco-Hematology • Locomotor System • Digestive Health • Endrocrine Kidney & Urinary Tract • Neuroscience • Woman and Child (Obstetrics Gynecology, Pediatrics).
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SMS Research Excellence

Research Excellence

Our commitment to research excellence is supported though strong research labs, groups and units working collaboratively in our modern facilities. Our faculty and researchers are involved in cutting edge science and world class research in the field of medicine that have a real impact on people's lives. The students attend research labs right from the first year in the program.
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SMS Clinical Mentoring

Clinical Mentoring

Clinical mentoring provides an early exposure to patient care and the practice of medicine. It is taught using a variety of methods, including clinical case based learning and standardized patients, hands-on in the wards of Papa Giovanni XXIII and other affiliated hospitals, equipping students with the critical thinking, problem solving, and professional skills essential to providing compassionate treatment and care.
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The Student Experience

Discover what it's like to study medicine at the SMS School of Medicine & Surgery and hear from our current students.

Werner Caldeira Stoever

Werner Caldeira Stoever

4th year student

When I got accepted into UNIMIB I remember being extremely happy and sharing that joy with my friends and family. Personally, to study at UNIMIB would change my life a lot; I would change countries, be far away from Brazil and be alone in a strange environment.

Quickly after I arrived I made very good friends from all over the world. They introduced me to many different cultures, beliefs, and languages, and that was without a doubt one of the most interesting experiences of my life. My Italian classmates were always eager to help out when I had any trouble with the language, and when we travelled a bit inside Italy they showed me the Italian culture. Slowly Bergamo began to feel like home.

I think I speak for the majority of students that for us to be able to do our clerkships in the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital is a huge privilege. The hospital is fantastic, it is no surprise that it is ranked as one of the top 100 hospitals in the world. In this modern hospital I was able to watch incredible surgeries, and I got to know a bit more of the daily life of a doctor.

The positive aspects of graduating in the international environment of Bicocca are endless. We will be able to work as doctors not only in Italy but the whole European Union. Our classmates in the future will work as physicians around the world; some will probably return to their countries and others go somewhere else entirely. I believe these bonds we formed at university will be a great asset for us as doctors, because together we will create a network that will allow us to improve ourselves in our future endeavours.

Francesco Ideo

Francesco Ideo

4th year student

“I joined the SMS because of its innovative curriculum and early exposure to clinical experience directly in the hospital wards. I find academic teaching enriched with clinical exposure directly under the mentorship of doctors, as a great way to build up valuable practical experience.”

Zeina Al Ghadban

Zeina Al Ghadban

2nd year student

“Being an international student, SMS made me feel part of its close-knit community. There is a strong culture of collaboration and commitment to the community, which I’m sure helps us become empathetic doctors. The solid knowledge we gain every day in both the classroom and clinical setting is invaluable, thanks to our distinguished faculty. I feel incredibly privileged and lucky to be a medical student at this well-rounded institution.”

Angela Ferrari

Angela Ferrari

4th year student

“I decided to enrol in the SMS because of its modern patient-centered focus, based on early clinical exposure with practical activities in the wards of the leading Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo. Alongside, I got the opportunity to be part of the Virgilio Program, a pre-graduate training track in biomedical research for students of medicine and surgery. During this journey, I have realized how practice and theory must work in synergy to create future professionals, who are not only able to cure patients, but have a holistic approach to promoting health amongst the individuals and communities. Overall, a challenging and rewarding experience.”

Gaia Rebecchi

Gaia Rebecchi

4th year student

“I joined the SMS because of its unique potential to open many possibilities for my future career as a medical doctor. Four years into the program, I’ve learnt that practice and clerkships are fundamental to strengthen our knowledge and competence.”

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